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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles – Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Tuning Into Kids – Parent Education Courses

Tuning Into Kids Parent Education Series

March 2013 – Recordings Available – See Below

Online Seminars for Parents – Presented by Yvette Vignando

Our very popular Tuning Into Kids series started again in March 2013 and has now finished. There will be more Tuning Into Kids seminars starting again in May or June 2013. Keep subscribed to our newsletter for details.  

What is Tuning Into Kids?

This is a parent education course designed by Dr Sophie Havighurst and Ann Harley, trialled and evaluated through Mindful at the University of Melbourne. Tuning Into Kids will show you ideas and techniques to help you teach your child the skills of emotional intelligence. It is not a replacement for therapy or counselling but it may give you increased confidence in dealing with the normal challenges of parenting children. Tuning Into Kids is focused on teaching you how to support your child’s healthy emotional development, and as a result, you may find gradual improvements in your child’s behaviour and in your communication with your child. The original course was designed as 6 sessions but we have condensed the material and made it conveniently available as online seminars – they are also interactive so participants can ask questions and discuss the material.

Some of the skills taught include:

  • Better communication with children
  • Better understanding of your child’s emotions
  • Helping your child manage/regulate their emotions
  • Reducing normal behaviour problems in your child
  • Helping your child deal with conflict

Research has shown that if your children have strong emotional intelligence skills, they are more likely to:

  • have success with making friendships and be better able to manage conflict with peers
  • have better concentration, and more able to fulfil their academic potential
  • be able to soothe themselves when they are upset or angry
  • have fewer childhood illnesses because of lower levels of stress
  • have more stable and satisfying relationships as adults
  • have more career success as an adult

Evaluation of the Tuning Into Kids parenting course by researchers has indicated that children of parents participating in the course experienced significant reductions in children’s behaviour problems, and were more competent at using and exploring emotions with their children. Children of those parents also knew more about what they could do to regulate their emotions and successfully address difficult situations.

The course was found to be especially effective in helping parent children with behaviour or anxiety problems. Comments from past Tuning Into Kids participants are included below.

Who is this Parenting Course Suitable For?

The ideas and techniques taught in the parent education program are useful for parents of children of all ages, but are especially suited to parents of preschoolers and young primary school children.

Cost for Recording

Registration to receive an unedited recording of the three webinars held in March 2013 is $270 per person in Australia, or $290 if you are an international attendee (to cover additional postage costs).  This cost includes postage of handouts and postage of a USB stick containing three WMV files for each of the recorded webinars.

You can pay here via Paypal, or you can Contact Us and we will send you bank account details for direct credit payment.

Registration to receive a USB stick containing unedited recordings of all 3 webinars and handouts.


Note:This is a parenting program and is not a replacement for professional therapy for you or your child. You will learn helpful parenting skills in this workshop which, if applied, are likely to improve your child’s understanding and ability to be aware of, regulate and express their emotions. However, if you have serious concerns about your child’s psychological wellbeing or your own, you are advised to consult your doctor for referral to an appropriate professional for help and counselling.


Comments from past participants in Tuning Into Kids via happychild

“I wish that I had been aware of this concept earlier in my parenting – I can imagine how this would have benefited both me and my children!  But never too late.”

” I found Tuning Into Kids fabulous because it offers insights into the hugely important ’emotional world’ of children.  It is very practical in explaining the different ways kids’ emotions are commonly handled and then focuses on a helpful approach that makes sense, and makes those attempts to listen and understand kids a lot easier. Doing the program armed me with some ‘tools’ and left me feeling that I am  contributing to my kids becoming more emotionally well-rounded little people.  The online format was great and ran quite smoothly – easy to participate in and contribute if wanting to.  Much more convenient for me to do (having a young baby).”

“Thanks so much Yvette, that webinar has given me lots of food for thought. I’m looking forward to trying some new conversations.”

“The webinars, in association with the notes provided were easy to follow. The content was easy to grasp and not to many technical terms were used that I did not understand or that I was not familiar with.”

“I found it to be a great guide to understanding my children’s emotions. I was oblivious to what easy changes could be made to have a closer and more open relationship with my children, Thanks again.”

“I enjoyed the workshops. I think it provided me with some new tools to help me deal with my kids’ emotions.”

‘I enjoyed Yvette’s presentation and communication style and look forward to putting it all into practice.”

“The presentation was clear, friendly and straightforward. Wonderful to explore the world of children’s feelings and emotions with a method of handling them which is not ’empty praise’.”

“Thank you so much for your time and empathy. This workshop has come at the perfect time. I have had a fantastic watershed moment with my son. I look forward to using emotion coaching to make our family a happier place.”